I’m just making a quick little page to get information to you so I won’t have many details here on the course itself. If you want the full details of the course you can find it by clicking here to Merrithew’s site.

We are hosting this course with Merrithew thus I will be honest and have very little control over pricing, etc. I do have confirmed that IF we have enough people who have confirmed deposits PJ will be the IT teaching the course, and she is the one who has developed it and has done the first hand research and work with all the fascial experts so it will be good!

The cost of the course is $800 and that includes your manual. I would love for the course to happen and I understand that is a big investment.  I will need a minimum of 8 committed students who have placed their $400 non-refundable deposits by Friday, February 17th in order for me to sign the contract and be committed to the course happening. $200 will be due again in April and the remaining $200 due in July.  Again, I want it to happen but cannot sign a contract without absolute commitments.

DATES: October 6-8, 2017

Friday – 4 hours

Saturday – 7 hours  (incl 1 hour break)

Sunday – 7 hours  (incl 1 hour break)


Here is the link for the deposit. If for some reason we do not get enough deposits your monies will be refunded or placed towards a course/workshops you already have scheduled. I will discuss this with you first.


Please let me know if you have any questions. You can message me on facebook or email me at Wendy@VictoryPilates.com

Thank you for your understanding!