Have you been meaning to get to your certification test
you don’t know where to start studying?

We are here to help you check this off your To Do list!

Everyone who has taken the Say Yes to Your Test program and tested has passed!

Weekly Schedule

You can begin at anytime! The course will begin January 2nd!
* Each week for 10 weeks (8 weeks of learning with 2 implement and get done weeks) you will receive an educational video giving you this weeks focus and assignments.
*Weekly lessons and assignments to keep you on track.
We will break down the exercises for you to learn, anatomy, programming, postural analysis and test taking skills

* Private facebook group for motivation and accountability

*Access to ask questions via the facebook page and Q & A Call!

Here is what we will cover PLUS so much more!

Written Test Review and How to Prepare
Basic Principles
Anatomy Review
Bones, joints, bony landmarks & terminology to know
Practical Test Review
How to develop a workout
What the examiner is looking for
How the practical is graded
Postural Analysis Review and video practice
Programming review
& More!

How does it work?
Option #1: Say Yes to Your Test Course Only
The investment for the Say Yes to Your Test Course is $300. Register HERE
Option #2: Say Yes to Your Test Course plus 1 Private Session with an Instructor Trainer (Virtual or in person) Register HERE
The investment for option 2 is $390.  You would select option 2 if you have exceeded your 6 month deadline for taking your exam after your course OR you would just like some additional private help.
 *Merrithew’s requirement is to complete a private session with an Instructor Trainer if you have exceeded your 6 month time line. You will not be able to sit for your exam until the private session is completed.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Do we guarantee you will pass your exam?
 * No, we can’t guarantee you will pass your exam, but 98% of the students who have taken this course passed on the first try and the other 2% passed on their second try after studying the material with more focus.
Is the exam included in the cost of the course?
 * No it is not. This allows you to take your exam at any Merrithew Licensed Training Center of your choice.
Will I be able to get my questions answered?
 * Yes, we will have a private facebook group that we are active in as well as  live Q & A calls to get your questions answered.
Where can I take my exam?
 * You can take your exam at any Merrithew Licensed Training Center.
Still have more questions and want to speak to Wendy?  You can schedule a 15 minute call with this link! Schedule here!
  • Simply click here to Register and Say Yes to Your Test

    Sign up & pay in full, take your test at any Merrithew Licensed Training Center **No refunds or transfers on course or exam fees **Open to all students who have taken any STOTT PILATES course.

  • Put study time in your calendar each week! Course begins January 2nd!

    Put the time in your calendar now as an appointment that's non-negotiable. Set time aside for you!

  • Organize for Success!

    Get out your STOTT PILATES manuals and Bryan Edwards Muscular system flash cards and optionally Trail Guide to the Body book. Pick a goal date for your exam! Put it on your calendar!

“After completing the intensive reformer course and realizing I had six months to master all the information left me feeling overwhelmed.  Taking the “Say Yes to Your Test” program alleviated that overwhelming feeling by making the study process more manageable.  I was able to focus on specific muscles, exercises, posture and the basic principles one week at a time.  After completing the Say Yes to Your Test, I repeated each week to get more and more comfortable with the information.  Wendy made herself available to answer any of my questions in a timely manner.  I found the videos of doing posture analysis to be a lifesaver.  By the time my test date arrived, I felt prepared and was able to remain calm throughout the exam.  

Mindy HaudrichSTOTT PILATES Certified Level 1 Reformer Instructor