How would you like to…
Have a studio inside your club

With full classes that provide impeccable training,
A bottom line that consistently grows?

How would it feel to…
Have a pilates studio in your club that has members running to sign up because the marketing message is crystal clear and they know exactly how pilates will help them in a way no other program can?

Have trainers, instructors, and staff know exactly what to say to sell the program for you, and have the systems in place so you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel for every class, instructor, and client.

I invite you to the

Thriving Club Pilates Studio Program.

I have helped many studio owners in the last 12 years transform their studios from start up or struggling money maker to a profitable business asset, will you be next?

I am about to share with you exactly what to do to start working on your studio to have it set up for success from the start, have your classes filled, and have people knocking on your door consistently.

Studio Owner Testimonial – Wendy B.

“I worked with Wendy as a business coach to guide me through some of the details of starting my new studio. Her help came at just the right time and was incredibly valuable. She helped me with so many different elements of the business. She helped me clarify my goals and kept them at the forefront of her mind each time we met. She brought up details of the business that I had not considered and covered everything from branding and marketing to supporting my staff to decorating!! Wendy’s years of experience and her patient guidance were truly gifts to me during this time and even now, I know that I can always call on her for her wisdom and support.”

This program is customized and the agenda will be personalized to your needs, but it could include something like this…..

– Make your message crystal clear so your prospective clients know exactly HOW to get started with you

– Create systems, specifically designed for your needs to assist your studio, instructors and clients
– Ensure your studio is maximizing its potential and saving time, while increasing profit
– Entice your current clients to give you referrals
– Simplify your scheduling process
– Empower your Instructors to take ownership of their clients and feel supported as a valued member of the studio team

– Empower your clients to take ownership of their workouts and yet feel supported all the time
– Streamline and strengthen your marketing

– Tailor your marketing and messaging to align with your club’s branding

– Develop the message anyone in your club can deliver to potential pilates clients
– Create not just clients, but a long term committed community

3 Months Working Together:

-We’ll start the program with a 60 minute strategy call so I can fully absorb the challenges you’re facing and find out about your ultimate goals.

– We’ll have two 90 minute sessions and five 45 minute sessions to work on the action plan, strategies and implementation.

– You’ll have Unlimited emails and Unlimited Back Pocket Calls

(Back Pocket calls are 15 minute laser focused coaching calls as needed)

– We will touch base every week by phone or email.