• I am so very grateful to have met Wendy early on in my Pilates career. She helped guide me in all aspects of opening a Pilates studio. Her business knowledge is extensive and highly impressive. I am forever thankful and appreciative of Wendy's passion for helping people and her vast business expertise. She's one of a kind!

    Jodi Marie Helton Owner NWA Pilates
  • As a studio owner, once you open the doors you are busy with every detail of running the business. Because of Wendy's Empowered Program, I was able to put aside time for much needed planning and goal setting. Wendy helped me think through all the details of what I really want to accomplish and why it is important to me. Then she strategically led me through steps that uncovered to path to make that vision a reality. Her patience, experience, wisdom and support brought so much value to each conversation. I looked forward to learning from her and receiving her gentle guidance and encouragement. Some days I feel like I am alone in this big challenge I've taken on, but now I know I can always count on her and the others in my group to understand and support me. That means the world!

    Wendy Bausch Owner Rise And Shine KC
  • My life and business as a whole is a lot stronger and confident after going through this program with Wendy. Before working with Wendy, I was lost when it came to the direction of my business. I had no idea what my next steps needed to be, while opening my business, and then after I opened my studio what was I suppose to do?! Wendy was super supportive and encouraging with all of it. She helped me realize that this is MY business and I can do whatever I want with it 😉 She walked me through every step of opening my studio, helping with ideas for the studio open house, what to do after the open house was over and the weeks that followed that. Most importantly Wendy taught me how to be a business owner, a confident female business owner! I would tell an individual that if they were wanting to not only grow their business but grow as an individual, that working with Wendy is a must! I would tell them that Wendy will give you ideas and tools to work your life and business that you would never think to do and how to balance the two so you don't go (THAT) crazy. 😉 Wendy is very encouraging, supportive, but she will not hold your hand and do your work for you, which is what I loved because it helped me transition into who I am as an individual and a business owner. I can't stress it enough, that my confidence and mindset was one of the biggest areas that I grew going through this program. If it hadn't of been for Wendy, I would not have been able to grow my business like I saw it happening. I would probably still have all my thoughts and ideas on a piece of paper, with no plan in taking action 😉

    Melissa Makey Owner Precision Pilates
  • The Empowered Studio Owner's group has been an asset to my business. Working with Wendy keeps me focused and makes me accountable. She helps me set goals and guides me on how to achieve them. The group is a great network to ask questions and from which to get support. I appreciate their input, and we cheer each other along the way. It is so nice to be a part of this group especially when you are self-employed and work alone!

    Christina Diers, M.S. Pilates, Core & More
  • I took my first Stott Pilates training and became certified in May 2011. I found the quality of the education far surpassed other fitness trainings I had taken previously. I guess you can say I got hooked on Stott Pilates. Since then I completed the Total Barre, Core, Zenga and Halo Training along with Injuries and Special Populations and numerous workshops. I have also taken Intensive Reformer, Cadillac and Barrels. All of my trainings and workshops were positive experiences and I always left feeling successful. One thing I valued the most was how the Instructor Trainers wanted to see us succeed and help us to be knowledgeable and confident as instructors. The most recent training I took was Advance Mat with Andrea. I was hesitant to try an advanced level training, but I was happy that I did. Andrea has the talent of looking at an exercise, analyzing the individual's challenge to completing that exercise and offer suggestions and modifications/props that will enable one to help themselves. It was also helpful to review the essential and intermediate mat exercises as well. I look forward to continuing my Pilates Training with Victory Pilates!

    JoAnn Smith Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor
  • I love Victory Pilates for my continuing education as a Pilates Instructor. I love to learn and I am never disappointed with the classes I take through Victory. The instructors are very well trained, and they really go out of their way to help you feel confident about what you are learning. They will answer your questions and make sure you understand and grasp each concept. I like the variety of classes offered because there are always new classes I want to take.

    Christina Diers, M.S. Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor
  • Having worked with Wendy as both a client and instructor, I can’t say enough about her knowledge base. I was already working as an “instructor” at a studio, basically just winging it and holding on for dear life! The Stott Pilates training was exactly what I needed to give me direction, organization and the information to correctly teach a plates class. The instructor trainers at Victory are caring and so well trained. I have never felt embarrassed for asking what I fear would be a “stupid question”, they take the time to teach to each instructor’s level. I am a very confident instructor knowing that through Victory I am up to date on the latest research within the field. If you are thinking about becoming a Stott Pilates instructor or just want to enjoy a safe and effective pliates class, there is no better training that at Victory Pilates.

    Julie Toalson, M.Ed ACSM-exercise physiologist, Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor
  • Wendy's passion, knowledge, and dedication to pilates coupled with her love of teaching is truly inspiring. Her deep knowledge of the human body, esteemed pilates training, and business insight has given her an invaluable perspective that I have utilized fully and am proud to call her my pilates mentor. Wendy has been instrumental in giving me the boost of confidence I needed to open my own pilates studio to share my love of pilates with my clients.

    Jodi Helton Certified STOTT PILATES Instructor and owner of NWA Pilates
  • Coming from being a long-time client at Pilates Center of Omaha, I felt highly encouraged and supported by the instructors to take the teacher training courses. It has been an amazing experience & I was blown away by the organization and quality content of the programs (Intensive Mat & Reformer). As for my instructor, Andrea, she is a phenomenal teacher that's full of energy, talent and SO knowledgeable about the content! I appreciate her attention to detail, her ability to set you up for success and the positivity she brings to training each day. There are so many avenues you can take with your Stott Pilates training. From being a studio instructor to working at a physical rehabilitation facility to Athletic Conditioning & Performance training. My future training & growth will definitely be with Victory based upon my initial training with them!

    Lisa M